Guide to Switzerland

Gazing out the bumpy, foggy, mountain train window, my heart melted at the somewhat fairytale view. I rummaged for my camera stuffed inside my bag, and tried to snap what I was seeing as pure magic.
Of course, the photos didn’t do it justice – they never do. But anyone who has had the pleasure to experience Switzerland, can relate to its surreal beauty.


First stop, Zürich – one of the world’s most cultural and lively cities; renowned for its thriving financial scene, winding lanes and classic churches. I started my day by walking along the lake, mesmerised by the hundreds of white swans skimming the water. Soon entering a more populated area, I wandered onto Bahnhofstrasse – one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues. Initially feeling overjoyed… until I saw the high price tags! I came to my senses and ended up settling for a souvenir Swiss pocket knife and some Lindt chocolate for family back home.
Fixated on finding some traditional Swiss cuisine during my stay, I was recommended the restaurant Alpenrose. With cosy vibes, classic wooden interior and ‘No Polka Dancing’ written across the walls – I could have set up camp, and stayed all night.


From Zürich, I ventured an hour out of the city to Lake Lucerne. Two years previous to this trip, I stayed on Mt Rigi for a few nights. I highly recommend booking at Hotel Edelweiss Rigi – family run for four generations now. Only available in the winter months, the magical cottage is propped up 3,598 meters above sea level, and is something I will never forget. Edelweiss is home to the most friendly staff, a restaurant downstairs and panoramic views of the famous Swiss Alps.


The final destination was my ultimate favourite – entering the small yet iconic town of Zermatt. As the bumpy mountain train pulled to a stop, my first view of Zermatt was its winding cobblestone roads, no cars in site, and lodges so perfectly designed you would think they were made fresh from gingerbread. Finally, you look up to see the Matterhorn, peering over the town in all it’s beauty. I had the pleasure of staying in the Romantik Hotel Julen. Again, a hotel I cannot recommend higher. With prime views of the Matterhorn, interior so adorable, and lovely staff – I left only to be counting down the days until I return. A luxury spa, buffet breakfast and traditional Swiss restaurant downstairs is also at your convenience.


It may be hard to get you to leave the hotel in Zermatt, but the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is a must. Located approximately 3,883 meters above sea level, this experience – although at such a high altitude, couldn’t have made me feel more grounded. Having the opportunity to view 38 peaks and 14 glaciers of the French, Italian and Swiss Alps all at the same time was incomprehensible, and nothing but pure bliss.

As I packed my bags to leave, I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I visited this incredible country. If anyone has been to Switzerland before, has recommendations on locations, hotels, restaurants or anything you loved – please feel free to share with me.
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