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We’ve all asked ourselves the question at one point or another – “What the hell am I doing?”. Do you have bold ideas, and want to turn your passion into a profitable business? This is where Start-up Creative comes into the picture.


Founder and director Kaylene Langford has created a business solely focused on helping you achieve exactly what YOU want to do. Inspiring and coaching to help set clear goals, a plan of action and educating you with the knowledge to path your way to SUCCESS.

Kaylene has not only created a unique business, she has developed her own magazine, online course, and professional mentoring program tailored specifically for Generation Y and Millennials.

“We live in a world where you can start a business overnight. So why shouldn’t you? Why shouldn’t you make your career something you love?” – Kaylene Langford

To put it simply, Kaylene is kick-ass and makes whoever crosses her path want to do MORE! Hell, I’m brainstorming potential business ideas as I write this article.

I was lucky enough to get in contact with the head honcho to pick her brain, and see how she started this incredible business venture.


Take us back, where did this all start? 

I was working 9-5 and commuting 2-6 hours a day to and from a workplace that wasn’t inspiring. I sat on the train, packed with miserable looking commuters  one morning and started reading a book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. I read a quote that said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. I realised that if i wanted my life to change I had to be the one to do something about it.

So, is that what made you click?

Well, I couldn’t just wait someone to offer me my dream job – I had to create it. So I did. That morning I started writing a list of everything I was good at, and what I would love to do, and I came up with the business model of StartUp Creative.

I see you have a ‘What the Hell Am I Doing?” four week e-course coming up! What can we all expect from that?

Everything you need to start a business. When I decided to start my own business, I wasted so much time sifting through documents and resources that were so dry and hard to follow. I realised there isn’t many inspiring and fun courses, packed with the really basic answers to questions people are scared to ask when they first start out.

When I started StartUp Creative I didn’t even know how to register a business name. So I have compiled everything I have learnt and advice from other professionals into a four week, self paced course that steps you through identifying what you are passionate about and helping you turn it into a business.  Don’t worry, there are no assessments.

What would you say to people who don’t have a degree, but want to start something of their own?

Just start! I am part way through a Communications degree, everything I have learn has been from successful businesses owners, reading books, attending workshops and asking lots and lots of questions. Don’t underestimate the power of learning by doing!

But, but, but!?

If you have a million ‘buts’ racing through your head as to why you can’t start, STOP IT! They are just excuses fed to your mind by fear because trying something new and taking a risk is scary. But I guarantee that not doing it is going to cause you way more frustration and pain then giving it a go.

So what do you think the biggest thing you’ve learnt is? 

Put your head down and just do the damn work! At the end of the day, you need to work hard to create something people are going to want to buy – so just get to it. Don’t waste too much time planning because you’ll end up getting no where.

Start today and everyday take one tiny step towards your goal, eventually you’ll look back and realised you did it! Also I am a big believer in setting yourself goals, writing them down and putting them somewhere in your house/office/car where you can feed it to your mind everyday!

And what has been the best moment thus far since founding Start-Up Creative?

Good question, it’s hard for me to reflect on successes because I am constantly setting myself new goals which means I rarely stop (not a good thing). My proudest moments is when I see my coaching clients succeed! I have had the privilege of helping a young couple open a coffee shop, 2 friends start a wellness centre, an artist land her dream clients and so many more. When I see people realise their dreams and all their hard work pay off, I get super proud!

It’s 5 years from now, and where is Start-Up Creative?

In 5 years from now, StartUp Creative is the leading Educational platform for young entrepreneurs in Australia. My long term goal is to be able to fund young people’s dreams and help them to bring their ideas to life.

If you could give one piece of advice to a young mind that wants their own business, what would it be?

Ask yourself what is it that you have to offer that people need/want? Package it in a unique and attractive way, and get out there and sell it. Listen to what your customers want and adapt along the way and never stop growing and learning.


There you have it.  You can find Kaylenes four week course here. And you’ll find me with my head in my planner, jotting down a million ideas on how I can kick start something just like Kaylene has, and inspires others to.

“So if you’re ready to follow your passion, make money doing what you really love, to stand up for your happiness and to get out of the job that you hate – then now’s the time to sign up for ‘What the hell am I doing?’.” – Kaylene Langford


What do you all think? I’m wanting to do more write up’s on starting businesses and young entrepreneurs – so stay tuned. If any businesses would like to be featured, contact me on

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