Summer Waves For Short Hair w/ EVOhair

With dreamingon5th developing I will be writing a few more beauty reviews! First, here is a guide to summer waves for short hair! Previously having extensions, I used to be able to curl my hair and have it stay all day/night without any real effort. Since being back to my natural locks, this really isn’t the case. My curls either look like shirley temple or they drop after being in for half an hour. Here is what I have found, works best for my hair! Using my favorite hair care products (and Aussie born) EVOhair.

  1. Wash your hair. I know a lot of reviews say to do it with hair that isn’t as fresh, but fact is I get oily hair really quickly. And I would rather not have oily summer beach waves! So I wash it. My favorite shampoo and conditioner it Gluttony and The Therapist by EVOhair.

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2. Once you’ve dried your hair, separate it starting from the front to back. I don’t usually halve the head from top to bottom, because I like it being a more natural look rather than every single strand being super curled.

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3. Using a straightener, start about 4 fingers from the part and twist the iron out from your head. Drag the iron down, continuing to twist so you get the curl. The biggest tip I can give for us shorter hair girls is to NOT pull the iron the whole way until it comes off the hair. You have to stop two fingers width away from the end, this will give the beach wave look!

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4. Finish off with the Salty Dog salt spray by EVOhair, and scrunch the curls in your palm while you are doing it. This will give more of a hold and bring out your natural body.

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5. There you have it! Pretty simple, but the biggest tip again is to not curl it right to the ends. Hope this helps all your short hair girls who want some boho beach vibes this summer. Purchase all these products at

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